4s 2200mAh -50C -Spektrum LiPo HC IC3

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4s LiPo hardcase batteri fra Spektrum, batteriet leveres med IC3-kontakt og har en innebygget microchip som gir batteriet en rekke funksjoner som bl.a. viser deg ladesykluser og feilmeldinger, batteriet kan også programmeres til å gå i storagemodus av seg selv. Disse funksjonene er kun tilgjengelig hvis man benytter seg av Spektrum sin Smart lader. Man kan også bruke batteriet som et tradisjonelt LiPo batteri og det kan lades med vanlige LiPo-ladere. IC3 kontakten er kompatibel med EC3.


Batteritype LiPo
Lengde 115mm
Bredde 35mm
Høyde 28mm
Vekt 200g
Kapasitet 2200mAh
Antall celler 4
Spenning 14.8V
C-Rating 50C
Kontakt IC3, kompatibel med EC3
Balanseringskontakt JST/XH
Kabel 12AWG
Anbefalt ladestyrke 1C, maks 3C

LiPo batteries with Spektrum Smart™ Technology give you more control over your batteries than ever before.

Key Features

* grated microchip stores unique parameters for each battery
* Smart discharge allows batteries to automatically discharge to a safe voltage
* Save time and hassle, while improving battery life
* Powerful 50C continuous discharge rating to deliver high performance and longevity
* Protective outer metal alloy sheet helps dissipate heat, hold battery shape, and increase durability
* No soldering required, equipped with IC3 and IC5 Connectors that are compatible with EC3 and EC5
* 50C battery packs are available in a variety of capacities and cell counts that are perfect for almost any application

Feature Overview
Youll never have to set charge preferences for a Spektrum Smart battery until you want to. When a Spektrum Smart LiPo battery is connected to a Spektrum Smart charger, unique parameters and health of that Smart LiPo battery upload from the Smart memory microchip integrated into the battery. Through the charger, you can view and set preferences, such as charge rates, so that all you have to do to charge the pack every time is press the charger Start" button. Smart technology takes care of the rest.

Our new Spektrum Smart 50C LiPos come in a variety of popular sizes and are ready to drop into your RC aircraft for better performance, power, and reliability. These are the perfect packs for high performance models and power systems and a great upgrade to get more punch and power on nearly any setup.

ktrum Smart LiPo Batteries Store Unique Data, Such As:

* ery Brand
* Battery Type
* Battery Capacity
* Battery C Rating
* Individual Cell Voltage
* Battery Temperature
* Charge/Discharge Cycles

Spektrum Smart LiPo batteries also maintain an error log including the number of over-heat, over-discharge and over-charge incidents which can be helpful data in assuring that the battery youve chosen is right for the application. A Smart Battery uploads its charge parameters to a Spektrum Smart Charger automatically making charging as simple as pressing the "Start" button. The charge rate of every Smart Battery is customizable, allowing you to take full advantage of packs with faster charge ratings."
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