OS FS-56 Alpha

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OS FS-56 Alpha
Ushering in a new era in O.S. 4-stroke technology: the 56FS. Its the first in the alpha" Series, with the latest advancements for boosting your planes performance.

* Mounts with no-mod ease in the same space as the FS-52.
* In addition to less noise, the muffler features a multi-positional manifold with a rubber O-ring that helps prevent oil leakage.
* A newly designed lubrication system eliminates the need for crankcase ventilation.
* The 40NA carburetor is equipped with a venturi that reduces the chance of fuel leaking out onto the cowl, while also creating more positive air/fuel flow.

It is like giving your 40-size plane a new lease on life!


* Stock Number: OSMG0956
* Displacement: 0.569 cu in (9.32 cc)
* Bore: 0.945 in (24.0 mm)
* Stroke: 0.811 in (20.6 mm)
* Weight w/muffler: 16.26 oz (461 g)
* Practical rpm range: 2400-13,000
* Output: 1.0 ps @ 10,000 rpm
* Includes: 40NA carburetor, muffler
* Recommended props: Sport & aerobatic 13x6, 12x6-8 Scale: 13x6-7, 12x6-8

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