ITALERI 1:35 - World of Tanks - P26/40

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Byggesett av P26/40 i 1:35 skala, denne limited edition modellen leveres med både lim og dekaler. P26/40 finner du også i det populære spillet World of Tanks, i dette byggesettet får du med diverse goder til nevnt spill.

Vanskelighetsgrad 3
Modellstørrelse 16,5cm

* F Sand 4720AP
* F Panzer Dunkelgelb 1943 4796AP
* F Panzer Olivgrün 1943 4798AP
* F White 4769AP
* F Pz. Schokobraun RAL 8017 4797AP

According to the Italians, this medium tank was classified as a heavy due to its intended role, even though its combat mass reached 26 tons. The Italian heavy tank program created a tank that resembled the Soviet T-34, in terms of armour and turret shape. The gun of the P26/40 was good for a medium tank, and the armour, while strong by Italian standards, was unfortunately riveted.

Nevertheless, it was sent to mass production. Not one P26/40 left the assembly line until the capitulation of Italy in 1943, when manufacture was continued by Germany. One of the difficulties in operating the P40 was the diesel engine during a time of diesel fuel shortage for this reason, 40 machines without engines were used as pillboxes in the battles against Allies on the Anzio River. The total number of P40 tanks builtduring the Second World War is around 100 vehicles.
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