Airfix Hawker Typhoon 1B

1/24 Airfix Plastbyggesett

Varenr: AIR19003A
1 795,-
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A super detailed 1:24 scale model of the legendary ground attack Hawker Typhoon 1B. This fantastic model has been created using our advanced CAD design used on all our new models, and we think you’ll agree the results are stunning!
We're excited to unveil an exclusive video interview with the model's designer Sam Townshend, in which he shares a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how the Typhoon was developed.
If you're looking to add even more realism to your model, it is possible to add the 1:24 scale motor to this kit.
Introduced into service in 1941, the Hawker Typhoon was designed to be the RAF's new ultimate interceptor fighter. Superceding the Hawker Hurricane it was hoped that the Typhoon, together with the Spitfire, would be a powerful and effective opponent of the Luftwaffe. However, it was not to be. Initially plagued by mechanical woes from the engine and suffering from a deficit in performance at high altitude, the Typhoon instead found fame as a low level attack aircraft, a role to which it was both well-suited and hugely effective.
Scale:  1:24
Number of parts: 509
Flying Hours:  6
Skill:  4
Dimensions (mm):  L404 x W528
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9 Tan 14ml
12 Copper 14ml
24 Trainer Yellow 14ml
26 Khaki 14ml
30 Dark Green 14ml
33 Black 14ml
34 White 14ml
53 Gunmetal 14ml
56 Aluminium 14ml
60 Scarlet 14ml
61 Flesh 14ml
62 Leather 14ml
72 Khaki Drill 14ml
74 Linen 14ml
78 Cockpit Green 14ml
81 Pale Yellow 14ml
85 Coal Black 14ml
96 RAF Blue 14ml
106 Ocean Grey 14ml
140 Gull Grey 14ml
155 Olive Drab 14ml
165 Medium Sea Grey 14ml 
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